ElasticSearch Introduction

Add data Built with Java, based on Apache lucene. Easy to use, and highly scalable.

Use Cases

Add data

Overview of ElasticStack

ElasticStack consists of a few different products:

  • X-Pack: Adds features to ElasticSearch and Kibana,
    • Security: Authentication and authroization.
    • Monitoring: Gain insights into how ELK stack is working.
    • Alerts: For CPU usage, user behaviour, etc.
    • Reporting:
    • Machine Learning: Enables Kibana to use machine learning.
    • Graph: Relationships
  • Kibana: Analytics and visualization engine. Anomaly detection and machine learning.
  • Beats:
  • Logstash: Data processing pipeline.
  • ElasticSearch

Add data


A document in elastic search corresponds to a row in database. { “name”: “iron man”, “work_place: “stark industries”, “team”: “avengers” }

Each field in the document corresponds to a column in a table.